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Managing Releases

Making a new release

  • Make sure you are on the main branch, and you have pulled all recently merged changes: git pull origin main
  • Bump the version number in setup.cfg
  • Make an entry in
  • Commit this change: git commit -am "Bumped version number, and updated changelog."
  • Push this change directly to main: git push origin main
  • Delete everything in dist/: rm -rf dist/
  • Run python -m build, which recreates dist/
  • Tag the new release:

    • $ git tag vA.B.C
    • $ git push origin vA.B.C
  • Push to PyPI:

    (venv)$ python -m twine upload dist/*

  • View on PyPI:

  • Test the released package:

    (venv)$ ./integration_tests/ -t pypi -p [fly_io|platform_sh|heroku] -d [req_txt|poetry|pipenv]

Deleting branches

Delete the remote and local development branches:

$ git push origin -d feature_branch
$ git branch -d feature_branch

Deleting tags

If needed:

$ git tag -d vA.B.C