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django-simple-deploy configures your Django project for deployment to a number of different platforms. For some platforms, it can automate the entire deployment process. Currently, three platforms have preliminary support:,, and Heroku.

Here's what automated deployment on looks like:

$ pip install django-simple-deploy
# Add simple_deploy to INSTALLED_APPS.
$ python simple_deploy --platform fly_io --automate-all

After these three steps, your project should open in a new browser tab. :)

Quick Start

For help deploying to a specific platform, start here:

More resources

  • If you're not sure which platform to choose, here's an overview of the different platforms.
  • If you're interested in the motivations for django-simple-deploy, start with the Rationale.
  • If you're interested in helping out, see the Contributing page.

Note: The original documentation for this project was in the GitHub repo, and some parts of the documentation have not been moved here yet.